Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This Project thought me a lot about warm and cool colors and how to represent them. It also thought me a lot about the different ways to combine colors to achieve each level of saturation and value. I also learned a lot about visual weight, balance, and symmetry. This was a very interesting project, one that I will look back on when creating future work.






Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

After the criticism i received from class, i needed to make these two pictures relate to each other. By doing that i took the circle from the stable figure and added it to the ambiguous figure. With the circle, the ambiguous figure looks like something spilled and covered up the 40. From what i learn from the critics, for the upcoming projects i will use figures that are able to relate to each other.


Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3