Fylc project part 2

The semester is coming to an end, it felt like time flew by fast since the first day of being in college. When I first attended city tech, I was a confused and a lost student. As time went on, I adapted to this new environment like it was my new habitat. City Tech is a big place and it has many students. Being in City Tech for a few months, I learnt many new things about this college and I still haven’t explored the entire college yet.  I believe that i’m more responsible now compared to my High school self.  I had a nice afternoon schedule, i’m a morning person but i do not like working hard in mornings. My classes were easy to find and I have nice classmates and professors. I am a communication design student and i’m required to present a lot in my major, but i’m not a fan of talking. The classes I take has helped me stepped up and gave me more courage to speak in front of groups of people. My classes also required us to partner up and work together and I believe that was the most helpful to me because it allowed me to communicate with classmates that I usually don’t talk to. My classes had a few trips and it was fun, we got to use our outside experience of what we learnt and use it for our lessons. Sometimes I feel like of my classes teaches too fast, some projects would be due within the same week and with other classes overlapping it would require a lot of time to finish them.  I also had a math class on Saturday, it was hard to stay awake on a weekend. I am never taking any classes on the weekend ever again. Overall this semester was a fun experience and i’m looking forward to my next semester.

PROJECT #1: My College Experience

My Experience of he first few at city tech was quite a mess but very liberal. The very first day at city tech August 28, 2018 had started very messy because according to my schedule, it said that I have English class at the Midway building and as soon as I got there, I didn’t  have a city tech ID to enter the building with ease so I had to carry my schedule and the city tech map around my hand including my personal ID. As I was in the Midway building, I had to ask the officer for directions to get to my class and she told me to take the stairs to the second floor. By the time I was in the midway building, I was already 15-30 minutes late to class and I rush to find my class. But somehow I confused myself for finding the stairs. It took my around 3-4 minutes to try find the stairs leading to the second floor because when I took the stairs I first found, there was more stairs that I had to climb and I thought I was taking the wrong stairs. Little did I know, I was taking the correct stairs leading to the second floor, I just needed to climb further and when I reached for the classroom, suddenly there’s a note telling me that the class was moved back to the Name building on the 6th floor. I was frustrated but what choice did I have so I’d headed back to the Name building and I had to take the stairs to get to the 6th floor because I knew I had no time waiting for the elevator. I was very tired of taking stair and as soon as I reached for the 6th floor. I was stuck at a situation of which side was the class. I first took the right hall was and I was trying to find my class and I was looking at every class number on top of the door. I thought I was taking the right directions because the numbers were following up to my classroom but I ended up into a dead end and I checked my schedule twice or more and realize that took the wrong hallway. So I took the left hallway, on my way the class numbers were listed on the left wall and I didn’t noticed it and finally I’d made it almost an hour late and professor Rosen apologies for the sudden change. That day was one of the worst and messiest day I had, that was just not my day.

Introducing ourselves

Although we introduced ourselves in class briefly, and we’ll introduce ourselves more formally in Project #2, please write an introduction here as a way to help us get to know each other better. Aim to write 250-300 words. This is your chance to say all the things you forgot to say in class, or to say again all the things you crafted and said brilliantly. You might add what your academic interests are, what the highlight of  your high school experience was, what you hope to find at City Tech, etc.

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Ways of Seeing

Welcome! This First Year Learning Community for COMD students taking COMD1100 & ENG1101 will include field trips, hands-on projects, and cross-sensory experiences to help you discover and express your creative vision.

Faculty: Jody Rosen (ENG1101) & Jenna Spevack (COMD1100)