Fylc project part 2

The semester is coming to an end, it felt like time flew by fast since the first day of being in college. When I first attended city tech, I was a confused and a lost student. As time went on, I adapted to this new environment like it was my new habitat. City Tech is a big place and it has many students. Being in City Tech for a few months, I learnt many new things about this college and I still haven’t explored the entire college yet.  I believe that i’m more responsible now compared to my High school self.  I had a nice afternoon schedule, i’m a morning person but i do not like working hard in mornings. My classes were easy to find and I have nice classmates and professors. I am a communication design student and i’m required to present a lot in my major, but i’m not a fan of talking. The classes I take has helped me stepped up and gave me more courage to speak in front of groups of people. My classes also required us to partner up and work together and I believe that was the most helpful to me because it allowed me to communicate with classmates that I usually don’t talk to. My classes had a few trips and it was fun, we got to use our outside experience of what we learnt and use it for our lessons. Sometimes I feel like of my classes teaches too fast, some projects would be due within the same week and with other classes overlapping it would require a lot of time to finish them.  I also had a math class on Saturday, it was hard to stay awake on a weekend. I am never taking any classes on the weekend ever again. Overall this semester was a fun experience and i’m looking forward to my next semester.

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