Cover Letter

300 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201





Hi, Recipients name:

I’m writing to you in regards to your gallery, and propose an art instillation based on my work centered around the theme of altered books, inspired by Tom Phillips work, ‘A Humument’. I am an art student, currently studying communication design at city tech. My personal work, and pieces created within my altered book, both relate to my interest in illustration and love for texture within a 2D space.

My inspiration includes pieces, such as significant words, I’ve discovered while reading through text, then followed by an illustration depicting said word, for example ‘Weal , Shunned, Afflatus, and Osmosis‘ which will all be linked.  For each piece I work on, my technique varies, for some I use slow careful line work, trying to capture the weight of each mark, while others are more quick and tightly drawn. My goal is to use this method of a glossument (finding a word, and providing its definition via blog post, then to later visually show the word) as a means to branch out as an artist.

Sincerely yours,


Didactic #3

For this dicactic, the word that I will be using and describing both the definition itself and the drawing is “shun” and it defines to persistently avoid, ignore, or reject through antipathy or caution. ( On the left page, the first think I thought of being avoidable or ignoring is someone with a pair of big headphones, therefore I decided to use a page with long text that will surround the person in headphones. According to my design, there’s a person wearing dark headphone and that person is shaded with a gray color. Now, I was thinking that maybe I could compare the psychology of the color value and the image itself. First, the headphones are shaded with black and opposes the outside which is white with text. The person is shade with a dark grayish color that represents that the headphones is consuming him/her, avoiding to make any contact to the outside, typically ignoring and inside the person , there used to be texts but since it is shaded with a grayish color, we can’t see what it says or barely see it what it was written. There’s the word “ignorant” inside of that person that it is kind of a light gray and the reason I decided to make it lighter is because first that word is a synonyms for “shun” and second that person is aware of that word and describes who he/she admits that he/ she is a ignorant, then that person goes on listening to there music and ignoring at the same time. This project was uses with pencil for the gray shading of the person and black marker.

Didactic #2

The word I use for this artwrok is Serene and it defines peaceful, calm, untroubled, etc. ( I decided to use a angel as an example for serene because angels are represent to be an signal of peace. So, I decided to draw an anime character with a halo on top of her head that will represent herself an angel on the left page and design the word serene with a eligent font on the right page. This artwork was design with penicl, black marker and a razor point.

Didactic four

Here, we can see a woman, loosely resembling the Virgin Mary in a contemporary style, weeping, surrounded by a red halo, and next to a heart, with a yellow bored around it, and thin blue, vaguely gothic archways in its corners. This piece is centered around the word ‘Afflatus’ meaning a divine creative impulse or inspiration, and can be seen above. In a way this piece captures the definition, its Devine inspiration is the Devine.

Marker, pen

Didactic two

This piece centers around the definition of ‘Weal’ that which is best for someone or something. The illustration depicts ole figures linking hands and forming a circle around the word, and the original text featured in the book. These figures come together in a supportive circle, much like other illustration featuring of people on earth standing together holding hands.

ink, watercolor


    • verb
    • To show sudden displeasure or anger at some provocation. (
    • Here, Poverty And Privilege Are Neighbors; Income Gaps Are a Source Of Resentment and Guilt  “Some oldtime P.S. 38 parents bristled at the influx at first”
    • it help me understand the senteced because now i know to bristled me a sundden displeasure. they parents were suddently angry.



  • noun
  • used to classify something, or suggest that it can be classified, in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points. (
  • Here, Poverty And Privilege Are Neighbors; Income Gaps Are a Source Of Resentment and Guilt “in which the average household income in the top fifth of the income spectrum is at least 24 times the average in the bottom fifth”
  • the income spectrum is the highest part of the income, so it means the top fifth who earned the most earned at least 24 times the average in the bottom fifth