Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

The first image is a stable sketch because the only figure in this image is the dots on the top, bottom, left and two in the right. For some, people think that it’s a Ambiguous image because the dots are moving around at different directions but I say it’s still stable because the dots are just very calm and just staying in one position to another. The second image is a ambiguous sketch ┬ábecause we see this very large object on the top right corner that doesn’t show where it starts or ends. It just crosses the whole image on a side. Unfortunately, I do not have the original picture that is only draw with black market because I’ve already hand it out the original picture to the professor and that is because I’m only showing the sketch version.

Update (October 11, 2018):

The two images on the top are the complete and ink figures.

urban artifacts phase 3

black and white ring pattern Ambiguous

These are the finished, inked, design of the urban artifacts phase 3 project. I chose the tree stump photo, and the Trash, because i felt there was a lot to simplify and stylize. I decided to go with a simplified pattern or design to make it seem more like a textile.

the stable design, is black and white, split roughly in the middle, with easy triangular shapes to show some sort of definition. While the Ambiguous peice is a black and white repeated pattern. vaguely replicating the rings of a tree stump.

transparent plastic bag wrapped around dark colored bin design


Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

 These are the two inked Compositions I created for Phase 3 of the Urban Artifact project. These images were based on the four refined sketches created for the previous phase of this project.  Out of the four refined sketches, I chose the two images above because even though there simple they also strongly represent the difference between a stable figure/ground relationship and an Ambiguous figure/ground relationship. The first image is a Stable figure/ ground relationship because of how the positive space dominates the negative space. The second image is an Ambiguous figure/ground relationship because of how the positive and negative space almost balances out. This part of the project took 2 hours.

Phase 1