urban artifacts phase 3

black and white ring pattern Ambiguous

These are the finished, inked, design of the urban artifacts phase 3 project. I chose the tree stump photo, and the Trash, because i felt there was a lot to simplify and stylize. I decided to go with a simplified pattern or design to make it seem more like a textile.

the stable design, is black and white, split roughly in the middle, with easy triangular shapes to show some sort of definition. While the Ambiguous peice is a black and white repeated pattern. vaguely replicating the rings of a tree stump.

transparent plastic bag wrapped around dark colored bin design


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  1. I really like the first one because the black and white really pop out from the center to the borders. But for the second one, it makes me feel like the black on the bottom is the figure but then I see objects in the white space which confuses on me what the figure is.

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