Cover Letter

300 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201





Hi, Recipients name:

I’m writing to you in regards to your gallery, and propose an art instillation based on my work centered around the theme of altered books, inspired by Tom Phillips work, ‘A Humument’. I am an art student, currently studying communication design at city tech. My personal work, and pieces created within my altered book, both relate to my interest in illustration and love for texture within a 2D space.

My inspiration includes pieces, such as significant words, I’ve discovered while reading through text, then followed by an illustration depicting said word, for example ‘Weal , Shunned, Afflatus, and Osmosis‘ which will all be linked.  For each piece I work on, my technique varies, for some I use slow careful line work, trying to capture the weight of each mark, while others are more quick and tightly drawn. My goal is to use this method of a glossument (finding a word, and providing its definition via blog post, then to later visually show the word) as a means to branch out as an artist.

Sincerely yours,


Saturation Studies: Phase 3

the  prompt we were given was ‘Cold’, so we went with band name that would showcase that, we all chose ‘Bitter Whistle’ because not only did it match our prompt, but i feel like you can almost feel it, i would describe it more as a cold wind. We also chose Icy Shriek and Sharp Snarl, to match.  To further evoke this feeling of a cold temperature, i went with lighter blues, and a navy blue for the text. While working on the poster, what i struggled with was the circular design. I wanted it to be near black in the center, but i couldn’t figure out how.