Adding a bio to your OpenLab profile


By the start of Wednesday’s class, add a comment with a revised bio here. This is the bio you will use in your OpenLab profile if you are willing to–if you’re not, you can still show that you can make choices about audience, tone, scope, etc, without adding the bio to your profile.

Class notes:

We’ve all thought about our avatars, bios, and OpenLab profiles for Project #2. Our thoughts about having a bio in your profile: Continue reading “Adding a bio to your OpenLab profile”


Hi, My name is Emmanuel Allan. I am from Haiti,i have been in United States for the last 4 years. I speak Creole, French, English. My passion are soccer, filmmaking, screenwriting, graphic design, photograph. My biggest goal is to be a successful storyteller as a filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer. In 5 years I see myself traveling the world and visiting the best soccer stadium in the world and taking picture and making video of the beauty of earth. Right now my goal is to do my best in college, keep my grades high and learn as much as i can. One of my other goal is to go to the 2034 soccer world cup as a referee, i know it’ s a really long goal, but that’s one of the things that will make me very proud .

My avatar is Steven Splieberg. One of the best filmmaker of all time. he has produced movies like the transformer, jurassic park film series,and all lot more film. I put him as my avatar because he is one of the people i admire. I like the way he works. he was listed as the most influential people in America.

People who don’t know who steven splieberg is might think i put this old man picture of my avatar without meaning behind it, or those who know who he is, might think i don’t know who he is or i am just trying to be fancy. But he is just one of my idol, and watching his works get me to learn filmmaking.