Adding a bio to your OpenLab profile


By the start of Wednesday’s class, add a comment with a revised bio here. This is the bio you will use in your OpenLab profile if you are willing to–if you’re not, you can still show that you can make choices about audience, tone, scope, etc, without adding the bio to your profile.

Class notes:

We’ve all thought about our avatars, bios, and OpenLab profiles for Project #2. Our thoughts about having a bio in your profile:

  • you’re more open/exposed/visible to your audience
  • shows you’re engaged
  • pretty static, can be updated
  • can show your investment in, knowledge about your field
  • context and audience is important
  • Who is your audience?
    • other students, faculty and staff members, advisors at City Tech; in your major
    • other people who share in the discourse of the field
    • people who Google you!
    • Possible employers, internship coordinators, graduate school admissions, future collaborators
  • What goes in it?
    • who you are
    • interests: academic, professional, related hobbies
    • goals
    • accomplishments
    • tone, voice, person
      • is it casual or formal? do you include a salutation?
      • vocabulary and terminology
      • 1st person or 3rd person
    • scope
      • length, range of topics

8 Replies to “Adding a bio to your OpenLab profile”

  1. Hey there! My name is Evelyn and I am a CommD major. I enjoy illustrating and gaming which makes me want to become a concept designer. To get this career I’m currently striving to freelance with my art. Having a collection of art pieces showing improvement is a part of my plan to having steady commissions by the end of college.

  2. Hello, My name is Sally. I am a Communication Design major student. I chose this major because i am interested in digital art designing. On the side, I like video editing and playing games. After college, I would like to work for YouTube and have learned everything I need to be ready for the work world.

  3. Hi, my name is Rosa, currently a student at City Tech as a communication design major student. I enjoy drawing and writing so I’m hoping to be able to improve in both of these aspects. By doing so I hope to be able in the future to write and draw my own stories such as children story books or comic books. For now however I plan to graduate college along with doing freelance work to earn money and gain more experience with what I could be facing in the future.

  4. ’m Sam, and all i do is draw. I’ve been studying art since I was in pre-school. As of late I’ve mostly been doing Fine arts, and some creative work on the side. My passions is art, whether it be 2-d work, sculptural or film, it’s all i want to do, and i can’t think of doing anything else.

  5. Hey! My name Garence and I major in Communication Design. My interest include sketching/drawing and gaming. Im also into Digital art and street art. I plan to one day become a graphic designer or a Marketing designer.

  6. Hello, my name is Elliot Vidalon and I’m a freshman student in city tech. My current major is communication design and my interests is illustration art such as drawing anime characters of my own. My likes of art and animation is not the only thing that I am interested but I am also interested of music and when I have time to spend, I would go to my piano and come up with a melody and do some editing and improvements. I am looking forward to reach my goals and to see me after 3-4 and see how much I have learned and improved.

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