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During the semester i learnt these list of words. I found the words mostly in readings we had and article from the practice final. The whole point of this glossary is to find words we don’t know and look it up and write out the definition and sources out so classmates that may not know the word can also see it. This glossary has helped me through the semester because i got to know 15 new words that i may have heard but never know the actual meaning. This glossary was also used for my glossument book which was also another fun project.




1: the quality or state of being prevalent

2: the degree to which something is prevalent especially : the percentage of a population that is affected with a particular disease at a given time

Encountered from A Natural fix for A.D.H.D

“The lifetime prevalence in children has increased to 11 percent in 2011 from
7.8 percent in 2003 — a whopping 41 percent increase — according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ”



Definition:  anything that is owed to someone else

Encountered from A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D

“All of a sudden, his greatest liabilities — his impatience, short attention span and restlessness — became assets. And this, I think, gets to the heart of what
is happening in A.D.H.D.”

The author is saying one of his greatest responsibility is his short attention span.


Pharmaceutical (adjective)

Definition:  of, relating to, or engaged in pharmacy or the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals

Encountered from A Natural Fix for ADHD

“Some of the rising prevalence of A.D.H.D. is doubtless driven by the pharmaceutical industry, whose profitable drugs are the mainstay of treatment. ”



Definition: branch of medicine that deals with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders

Encountered from A Natural Fix for ADHD

“ATTENTION deficit hyperactivity disorder is now the most prevalent psychiatric illness of young people in America, affecting 11 percent of them at some point between the ages of 4 and 17.”




Underfed (adj)

Definition: not getting adequate food

“Compared with the rest of us, they have sluggish and underfed brain reward circuits, so much of everyday life feels routine and understimulating.”

Encountered from A Natural fix for A.D.H.D

The author is saying that people with ADHD has a different way of thinking  than people that don’t have ADHD so they do stuff that causes them to be a step behind.

Didatic 4

This book requires readers to open a piece of folded paper. In the paper there lies the word matriarch and a picuture. Matriarch means a woman who is the head of a family or tribe. The picture is a picture of a crown with the word queen in it. A queen represents a matriarch because it can be a mother of a king.

Gig Economy

Gig economy (adj.)

Merriam Webster: a sector of work mainly dedicated to temporary or freelance work.

Source: “When Your Boss is an Algorithm”. “I have learned that drivers at ride-hailing companies may have the freedom and flexibility of gig economy work, but they are still at the mercy of a boss, an algorithmic boss”

From the definition, I can tell that gig economy could mean any freelance jobs like artists or graphic designers


Idealize (v.)

Merriam Webster: to form ideals.

Source: The Senses eBook “Exhibits following universal design principles can facilitate a powerful feeling of inspiration, awe, wonder, and excitement for all visitors, not just those who meet an idealized persona.

Looking at images, I can see that idealize means something that someone would want to be back isn’t



Facilitate (v.)

Merriam Webster definition: to make easier

Source: The Senses eBook ”Inclusive design facilitates this social inclusion and interaction…”

Using images I can see visual representations of what the word means.