Final Glossary write-up


Fictitious, Diatribe, encompasses, Carousing, Affluent, Disparate, Inadvertent, Sociology, Omnipotent, Cartographer, Flabbergasted, Juxtaposition, Bind, Prolific, Perennial,

During the whole semester we had a  glossument project in which we had to find or cite approximately one word per week based on class readings or outside sources. So basically the main concept is this Was basically defining these words and define them. We also had to site the sources on where we found the definitions and provide the titles of the readings. Added to that, we had to comprehend these words by exposing what they meant in our own words. That was a pretty good task be cause that gave us a better understanding of the words meaning. In my case, half of My words we’re  found in class reading or in relation to the class. The other half of my words were found on outside sources such as advertisements, subway stations,, sport center reports, YouTube videos, and even my peers from my class and other classes. that I just to happen to have access to on an consistent basis. All in all this project really helped me understand how words can have different meanings and how it can affect our everyday lives. Based on this project I was able to read more articles with a more open-minded understanding. For example, i even started using new words in many of my conversations and text messages with friends and family and in some cases even some of my professors. My personal favorite words includes fictitious, flabbergasted, and affluent. This project for sure has helped improved my vocabulary and it had also helped me articulate my words in a fashion in where i feel as if i can be understood by my peers better.



My Glossarry Entries


Doing the glossary a not difficult to commit also wasn’t very time consuming, so that was good as well. The glossary assignment was very beneficial for me and I’m sure everyone else in my English class. With the Glossary, I was able to do many things. The glossary helped me add a bunch of fresh new words into my personal glossary of words I have mentally stored in my mind. The glossary was very useful in that it allowed people to share words that some may or may not know. It allowed students to view these words, try and comprehend the meaning of these words, and store them in their mental glossary themselves. The glossary was also a major help when it came to looking for more words. The glossary was very useful when we needed to find some words to use, words that fit the team of our glossument project. I’m sure like me, other students in my class had to look for some words that followed the theme of their glossument book. Since the glossary is shared with every student, we had access to words that fit our theme. The Glossary made it feel as though everyone in the class was working together, helping each student complete their project. It felt as though it was a group assignment, fellow students uniting working together as one. That to me was the best thing the project brought to the table. This was very beneficial, it helped each student finish what was probably the most major project given to us this semester, given the fact that it took us all the whole semester and we were basically preparing to complete this project from the start.




















Class Notes: Project #4 Cover Letter

Upcoming schedule:

  • M 12/10:
    • draft formal cover letter for Project #4
    • add 14th (and 15th) glossary entries
  • W 12/12:
    • Post complete draft of Project #4
    • Q&A about Project #4
    • Review for final exam
    • receive copy of final exam reading
    • draft FYLC writing response about adjusting to college
  •  Th 12/13
    • Project #4 due online
  • M 12/17:
    • Write final exam
    • Glossary Write-Up due
  • W 12/19:
    • Complete survey about ENG 1101/Ways of Seeing
    • Final presentations/critique/showcase of work (bring your Glossument book, please!)

Project #4 formal cover letter (questions? ask them here!)

Whether you’re submitting an application for a job or materials to be reviewed for submission to a gallery, or writing for publication, or any number of other things, you’re going to want to include a cover letter. For the purposes of this assignment, the cover letter is a business letter designed as a way to let the recipient know about your project and about you as a designer/artist/writer. As we’ve discussed, we’re writing some of the same information in each part of the project (gallery catalogue entry, didactic panels, and cover letter), but they’re each with a different purpose and a different audience in mind.

For the cover letter, we’re going to follow a template:


Your Address


Recipient’s Full Name
Recipient’s Title
Recipient’s Address

Salutation with Recipient’s Name: (note the colon not comma here)

I am writing to you to inquire about your gallery/museum/etc space and to propose an installation based on the work my classmates and I have compiled. I am a Communication Design student at New York City College of Technology studying…interested in… Together with my classmates, we have developed an installation entitled A Glossument. Inspired by Tom Phillips’s A Humument, this project…

[fill in blank areas]:

  • classes you’re taking
  • interests you have (could serve as transition)
  • what A Glossument is: altered book, using glossary entries, image and text
  • gives the books new meaning…rewrites, recasts, reimagines

Our installation includes….My work, in particular, [work in the name of your project]….Each piece to be displayed has already been prepared with appropriate didactic panels (see “Title 1,” “Title 2,” “Title 3,” and “Title 4,” as well as catalogue entries for my and each artist’s contributions.

  • explained more about what A Glossument is
  • technique
  • goals for the project
  • goals for the installation: what visitors would take away from seeing this work

My classmates and I hope that this installation is of interest to your (gallery/museum/etc). If I can answer any additional questions, please reach out to me at the address above. I look forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Signature [don’t include your real signature!]

Your Name [ or your display name]


Glossary Write-Up

Your Glossary Write-Up will be due on Monday, 12/17. Follow instructions posted in the Glossary assignment information.