Project#6 Color Harmony:Phase 2







Time: 35 mins

The art work I used as a reference when creating my proportional color inventory was an artwork called ” Black Reaper” created by an artist named Elijah Myers. The artwork was based on an anime character from the anime Tokyo Ghoul. This image had a theme similar to mine and it contained colors used to convey a really dark theme. Color reference can be used in your future design work for when you are trying to convey a certain tone or theme. You could look at other references that convey a similar theme/tone to our work and see the types of color used t achieve this. You than apply the same colors to your as well so that you can achieve the tone or theme as well.










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  1. I’m interested in what you’re planning to do with the red. Red can be used to attract the viewer’s attention quickly especially in a primarily gray scale proportional color inventory. At the same time you’re limited to the amount of red you use if you want to match the color inventory.

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