Cover Letter

New York City College of Technology
300 Jay Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

December 12, 2018

Micheal Smith, DFA
Art Gallery
123 Ink Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Dear Mr.Smith,

I am writing to you to inquire about your art gallery space and propose an installation based¬†on the work my classmates and I have compiled. I am a Communication Design student at New York City College¬†of Technology currently studying Graphic Design and raster and vector graphics. I take interest¬†in digital art, motion graphics, illustration, and street art. Together with my classmates, we have developed an installation entitled ” a Glossument”.¬†Inspired by Tom Phillips ” A Humument,” this project focuses on taking a¬†book, painting, create¬†a collage and/or using cutting or carving techniques, all to create or transform the book into something new, different, and original.

Our installations include a series of altered books filled with representations of words chosen from our class glossument =. These words are represented through image or text. Each book created follows the author or artist theme of choice. M work, in particular, has a dark, horror theme. It is filled with visual representations of words that follow this particular theme in some way.

My classmates and I hope that this installation is of interest to you and your gallery. If you feel like asking me any questions, please feel free to contact me, my address is written above, in the top right corner of this letter. I look forward to your reply and any questions you want to ask.

Sincerely yours,


Project#6 ColorHarmony: Phase 4

Project#6 Color Harmony taught me many things about the different¬†types of color scheme and¬†some of the methods used to achieve a certain¬†color scheme. I learned about the Monochromatic, Angelou’s, and complementary and non-complementary or split complement color relationships.¬† I also learned how to Create¬†a proportional¬†Color inventory’s` by referencing a piece of¬†graphic design, advertising, animation or film still, comic, graphic novel, or artwork. I took all this useful information and tried to incorporate it into my book¬†cover as much as I could. I enjoyed working¬†on this project¬†a lot. I learned many useful things that will definitely¬†use in my future.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Duration: 3 hours

Project#6 ColorHarmony: Phase 3

I based my book cover on the proportional color inventory I created based on the artwork inspired by the anime called Tokyo Ghoul. I originally chose the artwork as a reference for my proportional color inventory because the poster had a dark vibe or theme to it and I felt it that was because if the color used for it. And so I  chose these colors to and added them to my book civer give off the same dark vibe and I think it was a success.

Duration:2 hours

My Glossarry Entries


Doing the glossary a not difficult to commit also wasn’t very time consuming, so that was good as well. The glossary assignment was very beneficial for me and I’m sure everyone else in my English class. With the Glossary, I was able to do many things. The glossary helped me add a bunch of fresh new words into my personal glossary of words I have mentally stored in my mind. The glossary was very useful in that it allowed people to share words that some may or may not know. It allowed students to view these words, try and comprehend the meaning of these words, and store them in their mental glossary themselves. The glossary was also a major help when it came to looking for more words. The glossary was very useful when we needed to find some words to use, words that fit the team of our glossument project. I’m sure like me, other students in my class had to look for some words that followed the theme of their glossument book. Since the glossary is shared with every student, we had access to words that fit our theme. The Glossary made it feel as though everyone in the class was working together, helping each student complete their project. It felt as though it was a group assignment, fellow students uniting working together as one. That to me was the best thing the project brought to the table. This was very beneficial, it helped each student finish what was probably the most major project given to us this semester, given the fact that it took us all the whole semester and we were basically preparing to complete this project from the start.






















1: one that fits together with the structural members of ships and puts them into position for riveting or welding

2: a naval enlisted man who works in sheet metal and performs the work of a plumber aboard ship

The word was found in the¬†passage, ” Reading Lucy” by Jennifer Egan. In the passage, the¬†author writes, ” Lucy described herself as a shipfitter 3/c, meaning third class, ( buzz: soon to be 2/c I think, ” she told Alfred¬†in June) and she often seemed to have the aid of a “helper,” also female.

In the sentence, the author explains above that lucy i a third class shipfitter, soon to be second class. A shipfitter a marine occupational classification used both by naval activities and among ship builders.



1: of, relating to, or constituting a biography

2: consisting of biographies 

3: relating to a list briefly identifying persons 


This word as found in the passage ” Brooklyn Was Mine”, by Chris Knutsen¬†and Valerie Steiker. In the sentence in which the word was found in, the author writes, ” I already knew the outcome of this debate from the biographical note accompanying the letter: Lucy would follow Alfred Del Monte and work as a waitress.”

The describes a note as biographical, meaning that this note most likely contains biographic description inside dealing with a particular person’s life.



1: disagreeably harsh or strident: HOARSEraucous voices

2:¬†boisterously disorderly ‚Ķ¬†raucous¬†frontier town‚ÄĒ Truman Capote


This word as found in the passage ” Brooklyn Was Mine”, by Chris Knutsen¬†and Valerie Steiker. In the sentence in which the word was found in, the author writes,” Then, the letters stop. In the first days without¬†her raucous¬†writing voice and her panoramic¬†gaze, I felt a little lost.”

The author uses the word raucous is used to describe Lucy’s writing voice as loud and harsh.



  1.  An acid carbonate
  2. A¬†¬†salt containing the anion HCO3‚Äď.
    • sodium bicarbonate.

This word as found in the passage ” Brooklyn Was Mine”, by Chris Knutsen¬†and Valerie Steiker. In the sentence in which the word was found in, the author writes, As she prattled to Alfred about bicycling¬†in Prospect Park or rubbing bicarbonate¬†of soda on the sunburn¬†she’d gotten on a trip to Coney Island¬†with his girlfriend, it would cross my mind that I knew the time¬†and place of the eath that awaited her.






(1) : painfully affecting the feelings: PIERCING

(2): deeply affecting: TOUCHING

This word as found in the passage ” Brooklyn Was Mine”, by Chris Knutsen¬†and Valerie Steiker. In the sentence in which the word was found in, it states, “After that, I found Lucy’s letters¬†Poignant in a way that they hadn’t¬†seemed before.

The word Poignant describes the sense of sadness. In the sentence, the¬†author is talking about how she felt a sense of sadness from Lucy’s letters.



A wealthy or affluent personThe¬†affluents¬†exhibit far less demographic diversity that is exhibited in any of the lower-income segments of the population.‚ÄĒ Pamela N. Danzinger

I found the word¬†affluent in the article “Here, Poverty¬†And Privilege¬†Are Neighbors; Income¬†Gaps Are a source Of Resentment and Guilt.” The sentence in which the word was found states, “The affluent¬†have their own protection.”

The word affluent is another word used to describe the Rich or wealthy. In the sentence, the author talks about how the wealthy can protect themselves by using their money.