an act of inaugurating, especially a ceremonial induction into office

I found this word in the article’ “A literary Visitor Strolls in From the Airport” written by Charles McGrath. In the article in which the word was written in, it states “On that note, still striding briskly, he walked down into Manhattan and across little Italy to his hotel, where he freshened up a bit before walking to the National Arts Club that evening for a reception announcing the Inuaugurtion of a writers retreat on the Scottish island of Jura.”

This word was written to talk about a reception announcing a writer into office.



Image result for condominium

a building containing condominiums

This word was found in the article ” Here, Poverty And Privilege Are Neighbors; Income Gaps Are a Source Of Resentment and Guilt”. In the sentence in which this word was found, it says, ” They also include tract n Jamaica and St.Albans in Queens, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, in East Harlem and in Chelsea, where one that encompasses everything from new luxury apartment houses and full-floor Condominium lofts to small, decaying apartment buildings.

The author uses the word Condominium to describe a complex of buildings that individually contain owned apartments or houses.




1WEALTHAFFLUENCEthe opulence of prerevolutionary monarchs

2ABUNDANCEPROFUSIONan opulence of fruits

This word was found in the article ” Here, Poverty And Privilege Are Neighbors; Income Gaps are a Source Of Resentment and Guilt”, written by the author Janny Scott. The sentence says, “They range from Ms.Davis’s neighborhood, where two  public  housing projects bookended a gentrifying corridor of brownstone and row houses, to an area along the beach in Brooklyn where West End Avenue appears to be a stark line of demarcation between the serene old immigrant opulence of Manhattan Beach and the teeming new-immigrant enclave of Brighton Beach.”

The author uses the word opulence to describe the magnificent and luxurious view of  Manhattan Beach.



1: markedly distinct in quality or character

2containing or made up of fundamentally different and often incongruous elements

This word was found in the article ” Here, Poverty And Privilege Are Neighbors; Income Gaps are a Source Of Resentment and Guilt”, written by the author Janny Scott.  In the sentence in which the word was written it says, “In the 1990s the disparity in many neighborhoods became more pronounced, census data show.”

The word was used to explain the Difference in many of the neighborhoods became very noticeable or clear.


Prodigious (Adjective): 

1a obsolete : being an omen : PORTENTOUS
b : resembling or befitting a prodigy : STRANGE, UNUSUAL
2 : causing amazement or wonder
3 : extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree : ENORMOUS

I encountered the word in  a sentence found in the article ” A Literary Visitor Strolls in From the Airport”, written by Charles McGrath”. The sentence the word was written in says, “Smoking is Mr. self’s only remaining vice. He used to be a prodigious drinker and drug-taker, famous for late – night altercations, not always coherent public appearance and marathon hours at trendy spots like Groucho Club.”The word was written to describe Mr.Self’s immense ability to drink.

Project#6 Color Harmony:Phase 2







Time: 35 mins

The art work I used as a reference when creating my proportional color inventory was an artwork called ” Black Reaper” created by an artist named Elijah Myers. The artwork was based on an anime character from the anime Tokyo Ghoul. This image had a theme similar to mine and it contained colors used to convey a really dark theme. Color reference can be used in your future design work for when you are trying to convey a certain tone or theme. You could look at other references that convey a similar theme/tone to our work and see the types of color used t achieve this. You than apply the same colors to your as well so that you can achieve the tone or theme as well.










Project#5:Color interaction pairings: Phase 4


Project#5 taught me a lot about hue and value changes and how you can use them to create an illusion making it as though color can be seen as two different colors. I also learned how color can represent different sets of emotions and personality. Trying to figure out the color that could represent my partner for this project was challenging, but also quite fun, I was able to learn a lot about my fellow student.  I found this project to be very interesting and useful for when I create any future work of my own. It allowed me to learn a new way to communicate using color.




Project#5:Color interaction pairings: Phase 3

Time:3 hours

Step 1: Color Research Process

Sam’s favorite color:

Red, Yellow, and Blue

Fav food: Mac and Cheese

Likes space and collecting rocks

Likes to Draw

Likes alternative music

Most active during the night likes the night time.

He is very funny and is comfortable to be around.


Step 2: Color Mockup

Orange Yellow is the color I chose to represent Sam.

This color represents the warmness that surrounds Sam

Step 3: Icon research

Sam’s interest for space and the night sky gave me the idea of making his icon be a little happy alien.

Step 4: Icon Mockup

I chose an alien to represent Sam to show his love of space and the night time. I chose the colors orange-yellow to represent the warmth Sam’s presence and personality brings when you get to know his. At first, Her energy starts off as a yellow and then gradually becomes a strong hot orange. This is because at first, it might be a little awkward but, he still is inviting and over time you begin to become more comfortable.

Project#5:Color interaction pairings: Phase 1

After reading,  “The Magic and Logic of Color: How Josef Albers Revolutionized Visual Culture and the Art of Seeing“, I learned a lot about color and the many different ways it is perceived and the different ways you could interact with color. Josef Albers talks about how we don’t really know the full depth of color and all it has to offer. He explains how color to most people is experienced through how we perceive the world and how we use it to define things. Josefs believes to truly see and experience color, you must take a closer look at the things around you. You’ll start to notice how one and the same color can evoke countless readings and effects. Josef believes, through visual perception, there is a disparity between physical fact, how we perceive color through merely implied laws and rules of color,  and physic effect, the effect color can have through vision and the through what you feel between the relationship of different colors.

Color Harmony: Phase 1

Image credit : Mauro Correira


This image represents a monochromatic image because it only contains one color. The image has tinted colors located near the impact zone. The blue transforms into white. The image also shows tone progression from the color blue on the outside of the waves to the darker blue inside the barrel of the wave.

by Carol A.  Analogous

This image represents an analogous image because it is an image created using colors that are near each other on the color wheel. An example would be a chart that shows gradients of a color. In the image above you see a gradient of the color red, orange, and yellow.

by Machi    Complimentary 


A complementary image is an image created using only colors that compliment each other. In the image above, the colors used were green and red. Green and Red are complimentary colors. They are colors that compliment each other.