Color Harmony: Phase 1

Image credit : Mauro Correira


This image represents a monochromatic image because it only contains one color. The image has tinted colors located near the impact zone. The blue transforms into white. The image also shows tone progression from the color blue on the outside of the waves to the darker blue inside the barrel of the wave.

by Carol A.  Analogous

This image represents an analogous image because it is an image created using colors that are near each other on the color wheel. An example would be a chart that shows gradients of a color. In the image above you see a gradient of the color red, orange, and yellow.

by Machi    Complimentary 


A complementary image is an image created using only colors that compliment each other. In the image above, the colors used were green and red. Green and Red are complimentary colors. They are colors that compliment each other.

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