Sound Visualization Mashup: Phase 4

This project was pretty fun, it was really nice to mix art and music together, into almost one medium. I think the songs that were chosen were nice, but i do kind of wish i chose my own music, maybe i would have been able to create better designs. I think my biggest struggle with this project was time, i had so many issues with photoshop, and how to set everything up, it was a little annoying at first but i’m glad i know how to animate on photoshop now. If i could go back and fix one thing it would maybe be the animation, i would have really like to have made the lighting sync up wit the staccato beats, but i didn’t have time, otherwise i’d say i’m content with the project. Maybe for the next project i’ll try to personalize it more.

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Sound Visualization: Phase 4

My thoughts about this particular project is that I found it really interesting in the beginning with the drawing out what we heard in the music. It got really complicated once animating came into it, but now I learned something new with animating in Photoshop. I know some things I could’ve worked on is my time management with this project. I know I was really lost on what to do, so next time for a project I would really work on being way better on time management. Overall, I actually Ā learned a lot about animating, and photoshop. The ending result of my animation I was actually pretty satisfied with because I liked how differently I tried to animate it from everybody else’s animation.

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Sound Visualization: Phase 1

The song I used for staccato sketches isĀ calledĀ Black Sheep by MetricĀ and for the legato sketches I did the songĀ Teleport 2 MeĀ by Kid Cudi.

The staccato song is a rock song so at the beginning of the song you hear a lot of the electric guitar repeating a certain rhythm and its very fast. The legato song has a lot of humming and a slow rhythm, however it is a mixture of slow and fast rhythm but the overall feel of the song is legato.


Sound Visualization: Phase 4


During this project, I learned how to work photoshop to create a mashup of different piecesĀ of drawings that I made. though I did feel like I wanted to do more, I am still happy with the outcome. I also wish that I had made my inking piece a lot better because the lines were not straight at all, that made me have to put in a black background instead of a white one. in the future, I would like to do this a lot better and with more legatoĀ and staccato pieces. Ā I would also like to learn how to use the animations in photoshop more so that it could be more smooth the next time we do something like this.




Sound visualization: Phase 1

Sound visualization: phase 2

Sound Visualizations: Phase 3.


Peoject#2: Sound Visualization Mashup-Phase 3


This anime is representing a mash up of two songs, Summertime and Feels Summer, both songs created by the artist Childish Gambino. The swirls are the Legato, they represent the long flowing manner of Childish Gambino’s voice in Feels like Summer. The circles and lines are the staccato. They represent the separated notes played by the repeated beats played summertime.

Time: 4 hours