Peoject#2: Sound Visualization Mashup-Phase 3


This anime is representing a mash up of two songs, Summertime and Feels Summer, both songs created by the artist Childish Gambino. The swirls are the Legato, they represent the long flowing manner of Childish Gambino’s voice in Feels like Summer. The circles and lines are the staccato. They represent the separated notes played by the repeated beats played summertime.

Time: 4 hours

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  1. I enjoyed the composition of the images fitting with the two song you that had to be mixed, along with playing around the transitions and the opacity of the different part. Along with meeting he requirements for the project such as with the repetition in images and moving them to fit within the songs you have chosen. The only thing to say is to work on the fading in and out of the songs so that it doesn’t end abruptly and can fade out along side with the images.

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