Urban Artifacts Phase 1

Everywhere you go in New York, you will encounter many things.  A fellow worker rushes to the car and spills coffee in the busy early morning leaving stains on the stable ground.  Got in the car and it wasn’t working due to a gas leak. The car is out of gas! The worker rushes to the train and finally arrives. While changing to his construction work clothes, specks of dusts falls and made its way to the ground. Finally, all dressed and ready to work, he measures the ground and spray painted it ready for construction.

The first three photos are ambiguous because it is unclear of what created the stains, it could be anything that created them. The first stable picture is geometric, the rest of the photos are stable. The last three photos are stable because the photos clearly show the object/figure is. The first stable photo shows inside a building’s speck of dust. The last two photos clearly show they are from a spray paint onto the ground.

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  1. As a group we discussed that the first image of the stable gallery could actually be ambitious because if you turn the image into a stencil the lines could be the focus or the crack. (Sam, Sally, Evelyn)

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