Saturation Studies: Phase 3

  1. Garence.jspevackposter1

The color temperature or color scheme that was given to my group was Warm. we made a list of words used to describe our color temperature.  The words chosen would be used to create our band name. The words that we chose were Spicy and Hiss. Combined they become ” Spicy Hiss”. I decided to make this poster simple and bold. I chose the color Orange which is a warm color, for the background to give a warm feel. The word spicy should bold and hot, so I chose Hot pink,  a very warm color,  for the word Spicy. When thinking of the word hiss I think of a very settle color, I also want this color to fit in with the poster. I chose a muted Orange color for the word hiss. Together the colors of the poster really give it a warm feel and you can really hear the subtle hiss and taste the flaming hot explosions in your mouth.

Time: 2 hours 45 min



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