PROJECT #1: My College Experience

Colloge so far is a mixed bag for me. The fact that I have to do most of school work online is very new to me. I need a City Tech ID to even get on the site and sign up. But I do love travel around the campus. Walking to my next class while listening to my music is what I really enjoy doing. I love being more independent here unlike highschool. Luckily all of my classes are in the same building so getting lost isn’t a issue. Now all I got to do is survive the boring classes to get to my major. The back tracking to different parts of the building just to get my self situated is very annoying. I so used to having my work given to me. Nice and simple. Doing this extra stuff I have to get use to. I just hope my freshman year goes smoothly. Now for my Major. I want to make videogame and do animation. I’ve been playing videogames for most of my life. Seeing how games are now of days like removing content that should be in the game and making you pay for it. That’s method is called Downloadable Content or DLC for short. I want make games how they use to be. Making you earn stuff on your own without paying extra money. Back to 90s and early 2000s.

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