Os – cil – late / Oscillate ; Oscillating

  1. a. To swing backward and forward like a pendulum // The fan was oscillating.

b. To move or travel back and forth between two points // He oscillates regularly between his comfortable home… and his downtown office-laboratory.

( Merriam-Webster )

Wind Sand and Stars is where I encountered this word on chapter three called The Tool on the sixth small paragraph. I have seen this word from reading this passage in class.

Now I have a better understanding of the word Oscillate. The meaning of the word could mean anything that goes up and down , back and forth from a graph to emotions to mechanics.

https://goo.gl/images/qxbeUJ ( Link of picture for example )

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  1. Please include the quoted passage where you encountered the word. Then in the final part, you can explain that quotation using your new understanding of the word.

    You might also want to include an image in the text, rather than a link to an image. This is a particularly good word to depict visually–and that would also make it a good choice for anyone’s Glossument, so all the more reason to include the source text and make its usage clear for everyone.

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