Sound Visualization Mashup: Phase 1

The song that I chose to make these thumbnails is “ Guns Down “ by Flau’jae the type of genre this song is based on R&B (pop/ hip hop).   So the thumbnails I have made are mostly beats they represent the rythmes that I heard in the beginning or the background. The thumbnails I drew are very staccato figures because they have a very sharp rhythm to them (except one).

The second bottom to the right (the little tornadoes) are not from a beat it is the vocals from the rapper and I made a new one every time she took breath from one verse to another. In the beginning of the song it starts out very mellow so that’s why I have one of the thumbnails more of a legato figure.

Juxtaposition : Project 3

To get to this sculpture, I left the namm building from the main doorway that students come in from on the ground floor. When I got out I made a right, and walked down straight passed the family court and passed the parking garage and stopped in front of the Marriott hotel and crossed the street to myrtle ave. After crossing the street u continue walking straight passed five guys. Now ur walking straight but on your left side ur going to turn and walk a little bit straight like maybe a few inches and your going to see a few red chairs on the left side with trees all around them and the on the right ur going to see the sculpture.

Cooper Hewitt Design

Ultrahaptics was the most compelling to me out of all the exhibits at the museum. I found the Ultrahaptics interesting because it caught my eye with it’s monitor and how it showed bubbles and then the ultrasonic audio waves where you can feel what is showing on the monitor.
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Ultrahaptics ( Bristol, UK, founded 2013 )

The materials used to create the work is Ultrahaptic transducer array, motion sensor, monitor, electronics.



Os – cil – late / Oscillate ; Oscillating

  1. a. To swing backward and forward like a pendulum // The fan was oscillating.

b. To move or travel back and forth between two points // He oscillates regularly between his comfortable home… and his downtown office-laboratory.

( Merriam-Webster )

Wind Sand and Stars is where I encountered this word on chapter three called The Tool on the sixth small paragraph. I have seen this word from reading this passage in class.

Now I have a better understanding of the word Oscillate. The meaning of the word could mean anything that goes up and down , back and forth from a graph to emotions to mechanics. ( Link of picture for example )

Ways of Seeing

My major is Graphic Design/Communication Design, since I was younger I have always been creative with drawing. The way I visualize myself is a very stay to myself, perfectionist, carefree person. I am very passionate about having my camera with me and being able to take pictures of people and other beautiful things. Where I see myself in five to ten years is working and doing what I love creating things that people will like. A statement that I feel that represents me and my goals for college is “ a wolf in a wolf’s skin “ it means someone who’s not afraid to wear their skin or who they are despite anyone’s opinion. I feel like this made me the person I am today and also made me realize to just be myself, also to not change over other people’s opinion, and by doing that I feel it will help me reach my goals in college to do what I want in the future.
My avatar/ profile picture represents me because like I’ve said before I am a very reserved person, some people say I like to be by myself and do my own thing, but when it comes to going to school I’ve always been told that I have this mean, tired look on my face. The emojis surrounding the girls head is basically my many moods that I show a lot. I’m always annoyed when I have to either get up early for school, dealing with siblings or just stressing over little things.
The way I think someone would or will misinterpret my avatar is that they might think that by looking at my profile picture that they may not what to interact with me if they ever see me in the halls or outside of school because I may seem like I don’t want to be bothered or seem like I’m a rude person.

Urban Artifacts Phase 1



All these things that us New Yorkers don’t really realize or do realize, are these objects/ paintings on the ground. It’s just things we see everyday, walking from place to place passing these marks or trash all the time, but if you really think of it, some of these marks/trash could have a reason/story behind it. You wonder how it got there, who dropped it there and why it is there.