Field Trip: Cooper Hewitt Design Musuem

I really loved this work, it was called “Portal Soundscapes”. It caught my eye when I was walking towards it because I didn’t really see that it was a speaker, it just looked like a ceiling lamp or something. I really enjoyed this particular piece because I don’t know how but because the speaker was emitting sounds above me I felt like I was really hearing these sounds in person. What I mean by that is each sound was a different place and different sounds so I felt like I was right there witnessing all these sounds, I think if I would’ve closed my eyes I could imagine being in the scenarios they put down and watching all this noise and sounds happening.  This piece was made by Shared_Studios, an organization that creates two-way audio/video connections between dozens of cities around the globe. Made in 2018.

I think a lot of people missed this one, it was one of the works that had to do with smell. There were five glass domes that had those little cups that had a particular scent to them. These glass domes had a tiny indented opening that would allow you to sniff, I think a lot of people didn’t really like the smelling pieces, even though there were a lot of them. This piece was made by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello in Oakland, California. Made from 2015–17. Everything was 3D-printed.


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