Field Trip

0604, SNOW STORM, 2018

The work I found most compelling was Snow Storm. The reason why I found it most compelling was due to how they were hanging and their color. When I heard the audio I knew the snowballs would be tied up with string to be hanging down from however the size and color was something I imagine differently. Turns out it use a light teal color for the snowballs, that could also be affected by the scent that the snowballs have.

Materials for it: Wool, chimes, ribbon, scent;

0408, Cotodama Lyric Speaker, 2016

The speaker was also an interesting one because it had to do with sound. The screen will show geometric shapes and lyrics of the song being played base on its songs characteristic, whether there’d be a hard or soft sound the lyrics and shapes would go along with it. This was interesting because it would connect with the current project that will be worked on in class.

Materials: galvanized steel, acrylic plate; Courtesy of COTODAMA and Songs, “Number One”; Performed by Portugal. The Man; “Don’t Love Me”; Performed by Janine; “Sticky”; Performed by Ravyn Lenae

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