Class notes from 9/26

Reflecting on “Our Senses”:

1-In a focused free-write that your classmates will read and respond to, write about your experience of visiting the Cooper Hewitt Museum for our field trip. Your response could

  • focus on one aspect of the exhibit
  • focus on the experience of visiting a museum
  • focus on the experience of learning outside of the classroom
  • compare your experience to another experience at a museum
  • compare your experience to learning in the classroom
  • something else.

2-Comment on the response passed to you. Do this by

  • adding to what the author wrote, or
  • contrasting what the author wrote, or
  • a little bit of both
  • or, ask questions for clarification, for provoking thought, for getting the work back on track.

3-Comment: did the comment add to your understanding, thoughts, the conversation? Was it helpful?

4-Comment as for Comment 2

5-Comment: what in the initial freewrite worked well, and would have made for a better start to the conversation?

  • getting specific would be helpful (eg, what senses were engaged)
  • more detail
  • more connections to outside
  • more comparison across works in the exhibit or across exhibits
  • more versatile: more instruction, ask writers to do more in their posts
  • ask questions

6-Comment: what in the comments worked well, and what would have made for a better continuation to the conversation?

  • ask more questions
  • variety in questions, responses–don’t repeat what someone else has done
  • more controversy! drama! push more!
  • come back to and look forward to all of our materials and experiences


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