Field Trip Cooper Hewitt Museum

According to some research I did, An overhead speaker plays sounds collected from cities and locations around the world. The piece was created by Shared_Studios, an organization that creates two-way audio/video connections between dozens of cities around the globe. This caught my eye because the phone like gadget was like a way to hear different sounds from different places. I also felt as if some people might have skimmed through this but it was very interesting.

According to some research I did these, Two circular pods are attached to the table. Touch the pods with both hands to feel music as vibration. Vibeat was designed by Liron Gino, a graduate of Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel. This particular design caught my eye because it was very interesting to me. The setup was kind of weird because I first I thought it was a portable charger but it turns out its some kind of gadgets that vibrates sounds when they are touched.

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