Field Trip

I found this compelling because the lights changes from a bright blue to a warm yellow. The light colors changed when standing under it. The light’s colors can affect our mood and feelings. A bright blue would mean we are awaken and warm yellow would mean we are tired. The materials used to create this was light emitting diodes, aluminum, and glass.

Rich Brilliant Willing (New York, New York, USA, founded 2007)


The chairs are designed for use in schools. Apparently these chairs are to help students sit with their spines straight. This is compelling because its similar to a rocking chair and its pretty comfortable for my back and does not make any noise. Too bad we don’t use these in school. The chairs are made from Polypropylene and polyethylene. (Plastic)

Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, Barber & Osgerby.


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