Ways of Seeing Part 1

In this video, John Berger made an interesting statement where he says,  “perspective makes the eye the centre of the visible world. ” He talks about how the camera chnaged not only what we see, but how we see it . With painting for example, the camera can reproduce it, making available for everyone to see worldwide. When it comes to art, nearly everything we learn or read about, it encourages an attitude and expectation. That “important” paintings are protected not because of it’s meaning or what it shows. Mostly because of it’s market value. “The most important thing about paintings themselves is that their image are silent, still” quote by john berger. He also noted that music and rhythm changed the significance of a picture. That images are more like words than holy relic.

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  1. I agree with you on how camera changed what we see and how we see it. In the video, he said “because paintings are silent and still, and because their meaning is no longer attached to them but has become transmittable, paintings lend themselves to easy manipulation. They can be used to make arguments or points which may be very different than their original meaning.” For example, you can manipulate a painting is by using movement and sound with a camera by zooming in on a part of a painting to change the meaning and adding music to change the significance. This shows that the camera changed our view on things.

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