Discussing “Ways of Seeing” with our different roles

Congratulations to you , our first group of Role 1 posters, for posting about Part 1 of “Ways of Seeing”! Now everyone who signed up to respond can do so. If you need to remember what this whole Roles thing is or how this assignment will work, check out this previous post I made describing what you need to do and when.

Here are the Role 1 posts: from @vhenny space mind, from @bribrianna Brianna M, from @airy Air (E.N.). @rcortes, you were also going to post a Role 1 post–there’s still time today or even early tomorrow morning–so long as the next group has time to read, process, and add their work.

Role 2 folks: that’s @garence, @sruan, and @ezraab. Get ready to post something by Wednesday (again, early Thursday morning won’t destroy us in this first round, especially with the holiday, but we’ll get on  a stricter schedule as this becomes more comfortable to each of us). Read the above posts and choose one to respond to. If someone has already responded, please move on to another until they’re all responded to once before doubling up (this is more a concern for Role 3 this time, since everyone wanted that).

Role 3 folks: that’s everyone else (unless you decide to add to Role 2 just to balance things out). You’ll add your responses by Thursday (or early on Friday, again, just this time). Remember to choose a post that doesn’t already have a Role 3 response until all have one, then make sure it doesn’t already have 2. We want to keep things even, so everyone gets to enjoy the conversation!

After this round, we’ll move on to Part 2 of “Ways of Seeing,” then Part 3. We’ll check in before Part 4 to see if we need to adjust. Your role for each shifts down one (Role 1 becomes Role 2, Role 2 becomes Role 3, and Role 3 becomes Role 1).

This might sound complicated, but it will be exciting to have more of our work read and responded to than all of us talking at once with no one listening!


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