my college experience

Being a new college student can be very hard, but i did not fine my fine week that difficult. i was excited to start college and expected it to be something completely different than how it actually is.

I taught that the classes were going to be harder but i have found them to be really easy. like my math class, i taught i was going to learn some big math formula but all the professor did was fractions and percentages, I have found other class like my foundation drawing class very interesting, i didn’t know how to draw so i am looking forward to learn more from that class.

I also taught the students were going to be more like high school student, but i am happy that everybody has their own life and they don’t feel like they have to be in everybody’s business. how like how civilize all the students are. i like the fact that there is a lot of students, there is student at any time of the day, even in the really late classes. All the students are actually here to work and learn, nobody is here to make fun of the student or professor.

one of my few problems are the elevator, they are either broken or the are too full, sometimes i just take the stairs because it took too long and the line was way too long. Same problem with the I.D card, i had to stand for close to 2 hours to get it, it’s the same with the financial aid, everything is really long and takes time.

so far my college experience has been really good, and very different from what i taught it was going to be. i am looking forward to the rest of the semester and the next 3 years.

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