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Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

The begining of the song Broken Record by Krewella, starts with a soft voice that slowly turns into an echo. Then the sound  begins to increase as the vocalist starts to sing. The sound of the song is very electronic but if you listen to the lyrics, the song is a little sad which makes the song interesting to listen to. Then after the chorus you hear the beat increase and turns into a five to six second electronic sound. As I did some reasearch on electronic music while listening to the song, I came to the conclusion that the sounds were produced by the combination of the following instruments : synthesizers,  drum machines and samplers. This instrumenst produce the amazing EDM (electro dance music) we hear and can create thousands of different sounds.

As I listen to the song I imagine a heart beat machine. At first since the song is soft, i see in my head a line barely moving at a slope. Then as the songs beat scalates, the line also scalated to the point where it detaches and it’s not just one line but many lines just flying across my head and eventually the black line that I started to see changed to thousands of lines that changed to thousands of colors like blue and red and all the shades that blue and red come in. It turns into a chaos. Then as the bridge pops up all those lines start to join together into one black line and slowly detaches and the cycle continues until the last verse and then all I see is the black line slowly becoing thin to the point where it desapears.

Hours worked on this project: 2hrs

Sound Visualization:Phase 1

While listening to ¬†“Formation- Beyonce “, the sound was repetitive and then it ¬†switched to a different beat automatically. Afterwards, the ¬†sound went back to original beat. The beginning sound was sharp and straight forward , it reminds me of squares because ¬†the geometric form and the sharp edges represent¬†the ¬†sound . The second sound had a smooth ¬†sound and it reminds me of ocean waves. The shapes also represent the beat and the chronological order of the song itself.

In addition¬†to listening to that ¬†song,¬†I was listening to “Fade-Kanye West” and “Work-Rihanna”. When switching between these two songs, it was quite difficult since they both give off different emotions and I was able to fill in the previous shapes with different¬†colors based on the emotions that the beat was giving off at that specific moment

Work Time : 30 minutes





Sound Visualization: Phase 1

The sounds from the song “I’ll Show You” by Justin Bieber¬†starts off as constant and extremely soft. I visualize the song starting in a circular pattern, and then exceedingly increasing in rhythm. The variety throughout the song appears to be repeating, but it also has a specific flow. In the song some sounds go sharp, following a flowing type of sound. I greatly understand the meaning of the song when I actually listen to the beat/flow. The intention of the artist is to get people to understand how he feels, and he surely does deliver the message.¬†The songwriter had a goal of creating a raw beat, that allows the artist to express different emotions. People are extremely critical when it comes to Bieber himself, but without a question he made this song special.

The combination of the beat and the consistency went together well in the process. When creating rhythm and music in general, its important for their to be emotion. When creating the sketch I noticed the beginning of the song, had a clear visual. I sat and listened to the¬†song atleast 3 times and this helped out a lot, The artist creates a sense of vulnerability, which also helps to make a song song better. This songs sticks out to me because I feel it shows how open and honest, someone can get, even when it isn’t easy to be.

Work Time: 1 Hour




Sound Visualization: Phase 1

The song “Here Comes the Night” by Dj Snake and Mr. Hudson is a repetitive beats with mellow melody.¬† It talks about how an individual becomes really emotional, upset, and maybe a wreck when they’re partner leaves them. The person that left the individual brought joy them, however since they left, it¬†feels as if there was nothing¬†left for the individual and¬†faces dark days. In the beginning of the song, the mood is relaxing and it feels as if your entering in another void. The individual is feeling a lot of pain and is in another world.¬†It would sound like background music for a maze or a national geographic video for astronomy.

Throughout the chorus of this song, it has an uplifting moment, the rhythm get faster and has little changes ever second that comes on. This part relates to how the individual needs to uplift themselves and not look down.Then towards the end it slowly dies down and you could hear how it was being energetic to mellow. Each rhythm stops for a short mili-second, then picks up quickly. Towards the end, the rhythm slowly fades and echo out quietly, the individual faces the fact that they’re partner has left and need to move on.

“Here Comes the Night”¬†-(Link)

Time Taken: One Hour

Sound Visualization: Phase 1

Time Taken: 1hour

Satellite -Guster

Satellite by Guster, has like a very soothing and flowing melody. Thats why most of what i sketched is curvy. The lines that are repeated the most are the beats that were most familiar to me. There were some lines that were not curvy at all and that was towards the middle of the song, where i heard this one single beat that stuck out to me.

I tried my best too just feel the music and go with its flow. The artist is describing a girl as a work of art. She’s his “satellite”. On the final product of my sketch I’ve realized that it looks like the sky. which relates to what the artist is communicating, the girl is his all. She’s always the first star that he finds. It’s a love song. The soothing and flowing melody makes you fell and understand his drive towards her.


Sound Visualization: Phase 1

Hours Worked On: 1 Hour


When the song starts, it has a very gentle beginning, which I symbolized with straight lines. It then quickly escalates into a bold beat that feels like hammers on stone. This jump is what intrigues me in this song. From then, there are also vocal choirs that give the whole song a spiritual sensation. The percussion used in the song also helps to keep listeners interested in what comes next.

Then there’s the actual rapper himself. When he starts, the words he uses tend to immediately grab your attention and pull you into the beat. This also makes it feel like he is radiating a wavelength of power. He then starts to synchronize with the beat of the soundtrack and completely engulf you in the sound, like a bubble.

Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks