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Color Harmony : Phase 1


Two-Color Progression

Two-Color Progression



Tint Progression

Tint Progression


Shade Progression

Shade Progression


In the first picture, it demonstrates two-color because in the reptile you can see the orange and little bit of yellow. The second picture demonstrates Tint Progression, because you can an orange fog but it gradually turns to a white. In the last picture, it demonstrates Shade Progression, because the sunset goes from an orange and gradually turns to a black.

Color Interaction : Phase 1


J.Cole Forest Hills Drive Live


A New Republic by Kehinde Wiley


The Night Cafe By Van Gogh

After watching the videos and reading the biography on Josef Alber , I was able to find examples with color interactions. In the first photo, it shows the combinations of red yellow and white to show less saturated colors. In the second photo, shows the two complementary colors, orange and blue, pop out of the picture to create the illusion that it coming out of the painting. In the third , the red, yellow and orange work together very well in this painting.


Saturation Studies :Phase 4

Phase 3

Phase 2

Phase 1 

Throughout completing this project it was a bit difficult to differentiate between saturation and value. My favorite assignment in this project was phase 1; I was able to bring ¬†in my own art style to the free study. Overall, I was able to understand the concept of these two terms. In the future , I won’t shy away from new concepts and have a better understanding it .

Value-Added Portrait : Phase 4

Value-Added Portrait :Phase 3

Value-Added Portrait :Phase 2

Value-Added Portrait: Phase 1

When completing this project , it was bit challenging to work with  gouache. I was able to work my way around the gouache and complete the project. This project helped me have a better understanding of the terms : value, broad-range and narrow-range. For the future, I will be more open to different types of materials , and not be afraid to mess up on the first try.


Field Trip to BRIC Biennial

image1-5        image2-4

On Monitor :”TRANS port” , Year : 2014¬† Medium: GIF/video projection by Nkiruka J. Oparah

“The sacrifice of hands”, Year 2016 Medium: Mixed-media installation with GIF/video projection by Nkiruka J. Oparah

While exploring the BRIC art gallery , I stumbled upon this piece ; it caught my eyes right away. The artist was able to depict the use of her African  heritage  through still-life objects. In addition, the artist was able to show how natural resources (the bucket, water, dirt)   relate to her concept of African heritage and using the fabrics to show what part of Africa they came from . The art piece also shows, the evolution of technology and how it effects the natural resources. By putting the natural resources on the floor and the projector on the top , shows the hierarchy of technology . This artist has a similar concept to my theme of art work , because I like to use my heritage as a huge theme for my art pieces.

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