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Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3


Narrow Range Collage and Narrow Rage Digital Collage


Broad Range Collage and Board Range Painting Collage

Work Spent: 1 hour


  1. Sarah Schmerler

    Kanye West should thank you for your efforts. Not only do you back light him, giving him a mysterious and powerful mood, you also play up African influences in your painted version of this assignment. His own work is not as starkly indebted to Mother Africa as you show him here; however, the linear details (on the left, which were once your own pants’ stitching) here take on a strong compositional roll. Pants become abstract energy. And Kanye looks power-ful and full of dark rythmic energy.;

    • Sarah Schmerler

      (Apologies for the type-o’s and misspellings. I was in a hurry, as you know.) I would also add that you turned what could have been a handicap (you mentioned that working with that small brush was hard for you) into a plus; the simplicity of your efforts in paint made for a more high-contrast, graphic design. Did you know that The Cubists did what you did with those two, supposedly “crude” white lines? They used small details to stand in as shorthand for larger things. Check this out:

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