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Saturation Studies : Phase 2

When completing these exercises , it was bit strenuous, since I didn’t have a clear understanding of the term saturation I wasn’t able to complete the exercises accurately . However, I now have a better understanding of the saturation and hopefully I will get better with phase 3.

Chromatic Gray Studies – Exercise #1 & 2:

Chromatic Gray Studies – Exercise #1 & 2:

Muted Color Studies – Exercise #1 & 2:

Muted Color Studies – Exercise #1 & 2:

Prismatic Color Studies – Exercise #1 & 2:

Prismatic Color Studies – Exercise #1 & 2:

Work Spent: 1st piece 2 hours , 2nd piece 2hours , 3rd piece 1hour


Saturation Studies: Phase 1


When creating the color wheel, It was bit difficult because my partner and I wanted to create something different, but not go off topic. Our concept was using hair as the color wheel  and representing different cultural backgrounds .

Work Spent : 3 hours

Midterm Grade

Throughout this semester, I have learned a lot while completing the three projects. In this first project, I was a bit confused about the directions that was given to me. After a while, I was able to accomplish the project; even though it was very tedious I was able to complete it one time. For the second project, I was very excited to use animation and I was able to make my own video. The only thing that I would change in both projects is time management.

Urban Artifacts- Project #1

Sound Visualization -Project #2 

Visual- Added Portriats

In the first picture below , the image of the door automatically gives off the sense of low key (predominantly black).  The door creates the mood of apprehension. Furthermore, in the picture you can tell the relationship between the highlight and shadow. The highlight helps the door have a 3 dimensional form. The shadow however, doesn’t play a huge role in the picture , but it’s shown in the.

In the second picture , the image of the buildings outside give you the sense of high key ( predominantly white) . The sky gives off the mood of serenity. Moreover, the relationship between the highlight and shadow play a house role in this picture. The highlight helps the audience draw their attention to the focal point (the sky). The shadow helps to emphasize  the attention towards the focal point.







Sound Visualization: Phase 4

The entire project gave me a clear understanding between Legato and Staccato  . During the process of completing the project, I had artist block  when completing the digital art pieces. However, I was a bit confused on creating the visual representation of the sound  . For the future, I will be more organized and manage my time so I don’t  have to rush to complete the project last time .

Sound Visualization #3 

Sound Visualization #2

Sound Visualization #1

Sound Visualization:Phase 1

While listening to  “Formation- Beyonce “, the sound was repetitive and then it  switched to a different beat automatically. Afterwards, the  sound went back to original beat. The beginning sound was sharp and straight forward , it reminds me of squares because  the geometric form and the sharp edges represent the  sound . The second sound had a smooth  sound and it reminds me of ocean waves. The shapes also represent the beat and the chronological order of the song itself.

In addition to listening to that  song, I was listening to “Fade-Kanye West” and “Work-Rihanna”. When switching between these two songs, it was quite difficult since they both give off different emotions and I was able to fill in the previous shapes with different colors based on the emotions that the beat was giving off at that specific moment

Work Time : 30 minutes





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