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Field Trip to BRIC Biennial

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On Monitor :”TRANS port” , Year : 2014  Medium: GIF/video projection by Nkiruka J. Oparah

“The sacrifice of hands”, Year 2016 Medium: Mixed-media installation with GIF/video projection by Nkiruka J. Oparah

While exploring the BRIC art gallery , I stumbled upon this piece ; it caught my eyes right away. The artist was able to depict the use of her African  heritage  through still-life objects. In addition, the artist was able to show how natural resources (the bucket, water, dirt)   relate to her concept of African heritage and using the fabrics to show what part of Africa they came from . The art piece also shows, the evolution of technology and how it effects the natural resources. By putting the natural resources on the floor and the projector on the top , shows the hierarchy of technology . This artist has a similar concept to my theme of art work , because I like to use my heritage as a huge theme for my art pieces.

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  1. Saadman1997

    I also liked how this conveyed a certain message and it showed admiration for the rican culture from the display of everyday objects from there in form of art.

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