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Sound Visualizations: Phase 4

Until the phase 3, I enjoyed completing this project. The video editing part was pretty difficult and irritating at times. I learned the musical terms staccato and legato. We got a little insight on how to animate things on Adobe Photoshop. We also used and understood the ‘rule of thirds’. And lastly, we got to use the inking process one more time.

Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

The song is definitely a song you can dance to. It’s an EDM party song thus the composition for this must be a little rough although it is a little ‘easy on the ears’. The pattern is pretty basic in this 2:56 song. In verse 1 and 2 its basically the same from the beginning of the verse to the chorus. On the third verse however, the pattern changes a little. In the beginning of the third verse the mood of the song changes a little to the smooth side while keeping the EDM vibe and then in the chorus it returns to the same pattern. My understanding of this song does not change after this observation, I still feel the ‘chilled out’ party vibe.

Sound Visualizations: Phase 4




During this sound visualization project I enjoyed that we could portray music. We used music to make the video. In the video we showed how the music came alive in the motion of our designs. What seemed difficult for me was the whole formation and completion of the video. Understanding all steps took time but at the end I narrowed it all down to one complete work. I learned to add music to a video.

Sound Visualizations: Phase 4

This project was very unique. I’ve never done anything like this. It really helped me listen closely to every sound in music and in some cases, heard things I’ve never heard  before. Creating the mash up in Photoshop was fun. Although I have used Photoshop to create a gif during high school, I had  to teach myself how to do it all again.

Phase  1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

Common – Book of Life

The song starts of with the hook of the song which is the beat scratching and the artist repeating a statement. For the beat scratching I imagine zig-zag lines in a medium thick black line. The beat and the verse start in the exact moment. The loudest part of the song are the vocals, the beat is lower and just in the background with some distinct sounds. When the hook starts again, the beat changes to the same from the very beginning with an added rhythm on top to connect it to the verse.

Just as the hook and verse have a different beat, when the artist either slows down the beat adds a different one to emphasize certain words he says. This causes the flow of the songs to be almost distorted, the sounds could go from smooth to sharp to smooth to rough all to help the lyrics stand out more. The entire instrumental of the song is used to help emphasize the vocals.

Time worked : 30 mins.

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