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Value added portraits: phase 4

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Doing this project helped me understand the meaning behind photography, I wasn’t aware of the two types of ways that pictures(low-key and high-key) can be taken. It was pretty interesting and once we understood the concept of broad and narrow range, the next step was to experiment with gouache. Painting is something I have no experience in but it helped put my skills to the test. Everyday I learn something knew and unlock abilities that I thought I didn’t have. Doing this project was very helpful.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

Throughout this project, it was fun and creative, this is because we created a different image of ourselves and no one could possibly think it came from our portrait. I learned how to use gouache paint. This was a challenging part for me, the color that I wanted to get,  it did not look similar to the original image. I would retry painting my broad image over and over again. The narrow composition was easy to convert it to Photoshop. What I learned from this project, that could be helpful in the next, is using gouache paint and the amount of color being used.

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Value added portraits: Phase 4

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This third project made my head hurt. I must admit painting with gouache and a brush is not easy at all. I did all i could to follow all the instructions i was given. In the end i did make a couple of mistakes but managed to fix them in my final product. I now have experience in using this particular type of paint and will try to do better in my next project. Showing narrow and broad range values was pretty hard when cutting out the original picture, but when it came to the painting it was just easier to blend the black and white and create shades of gray instead of looking for the shades in the pieces.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

From this project I learned how to use paint which I never did before, and it helped me sharpened my drawing skills which I was suppose to do on my own, but the difference is that this project forced me out of my comfort zone (once again) leaving me to deal with my own struggles instead of just waiting around.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

This project taught me numerous fundamental stuff about value; one thing I learned is the difference between broad and narrow value and also what is high-key and low-key. I’ve encounter few difficult situations with this project and that is the painting part; this is my first time working with gouache, thus, the result of the work did not reach my expectation, but I am confidence with gouache in future projects. Over all, I enjoyed this project.

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Value Added Portraits: Phase 4

I’ll be 100% honest, this project was kind of difficult for me. For starters the painting for me was rough, because everything started to smudge. Even though I had a difficult time with the paint, I was able to get a composition that I actually liked out of it. I haven’t used any type of paint in years, so I wasn’t actually shocked that I ended up with those results.. This project was interesting for me, but I actually do want to work on my painting skills. I’m glad that I faced some hardships when it came to this project, I’ll be sure to learn from any mistakes that I’ve made.