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Color Harmony: Phase 3

For my free study I choose to make a desert, the inspiration came from the photo that I saw at the museum. The dominant color is blue which I used for the sky and the subdominant color is the peach- like brown and my accent color is the sun- yellow.

Color Harmony: Phase 3


This part of the project was extremely difficult for me to complete, but I attempted to create something. My niece wanted me to draw what she drew for me, so I used Illustrator for the first time and tried it out. I’m not too proud of the outcome, but she actually liked it .

Color Harmony: Phase 3


For Phase 3, the colors I got inspired by making a scenario of the beach. From the original composition, it remained me of sand. I use light brown on top of the wood box and the sides dark brown to give it shade. Most of the composition has light brown. For the blues, I used the ocean and the sky as well. The dominant color is the light brown, the sub-dominant is the sea blue, the accent color is the white or the medium brown from the wood box.

Hours Worked: 1 Hour and a Half