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Color Interaction: Phase 3


Jeremy, Ely, and Myself decided to create a composition along the lines of a Christmas theme. As you can see these are gingerbread people, who are all In action in some way. All of the colors match each of our personalities really well, that is what’s really cool about this whole thing. All of the symbols used were thought out, and these were the best ones that fit into what we wanted to create.

Color interaction: 3 phase

Time spent:1 hr

Color Interaction Pairings: Phase 3


ShanShan and I created a paired color identities with simultaneous constrast. I chose the color blue for ShanShan because she is shy, intelligent and relax. We chose the color green as our influence color because we wanted to make the theme about nature. A symbol representing her is a tree, because when I think of a tree, I imagine a person laying back on the tree reading a book and relax.

Hours Worked: 2 Hours