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Color Harmony: Phase 1

The first picture is on a snowy night, that depicts a good example of tint progression because the street lamp gives reflects light off the snow a orange like color that laminates the block making the scenery a beautiful, relaxing experience

I choose this bird because its’ feathers show a change of shade from light to multiple shades of brown.

The fish demonstrated a shift of color from its tail to its body.


Color Harmony: Phase 1

color-progression   marguerite-daisy-beautiful-beauty       sunset_in_zadar_2

Two-Color Progression                                                                     Shade Progression                                                               Tint Progression

All of the three images above define the given key terms. Learning those terms were essential because now I can actually tell the difference between all of them which is important.

Color Harmony: Phase 1

The best example of color harmony that I could find id something that has forever intrigued me. Space. There is just so many colors out there in outer space. One example which I also used on the previous project was a Nebula. Now this is just so extraordinary because is something found in nature, it’s not something that was carefully planned so that the colors could contrast each other. Is something that just happened by elements combining together to having chemical and physical reactions. As you can see in the picture, the red and green which are complementary colors make the nebula look super radiant and even with a feeling of an energy from a great magnitude. On the image with the horse we see shade progression as we move our eye to the left and tint progression as we move to the right


Hours: 1


Color harmony: Phase 1


Two color progression

This picture is Two color progression because it’s going from Orange to a bit more yellowish


Tint progression

This picture is tint progression because the rose is going from Red to more white.


Shade progression

This picture has a Shade progression because it’s more purple but the blue is more darker, and more dominant.

Time took:  30 mins

Color Harmony: Phase 1


Two-Color Progression


Tint Progression


Shadow Progression

The first image shows two-color progression because of the green has different tones that turn into black.  The tint progression shows the sunset, the tint shows the yellow orange colors, they are analogous. The shade progression shows the clouds white then turning darker, to medium black.