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Color Harmony: Phase 1


Two-Color Progression


Tint Progression


Shadow Progression

The first image shows two-color progression because of the green has different tones that turn into black.  The tint progression shows the sunset, the tint shows the yellow orange colors, they are analogous. The shade progression shows the clouds white then turning darker, to medium black.


  1. Haley

    I like the images you used to demonstrate the concepts of the progressions. The two-color progressions really shows the green, then it has this light dark color to it. The tint progressions shows the orange and the lighter blue or clouds goes well with it. As for the shadow progression, I like how it’s blue in the sky then it’s dark in mostly other places

  2. Katherine Alvarez

    love the picture!!!!!! Each picture has either color, shade and tint progression.

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