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Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

In this part of the project, we had to choose two of our best pieces of work from the collection of photoshop images. One that best represents Obvious figure ground and one that represent ambiguous figure ground. All we had to do was trace the outline of the images that we had chosen to recreate, and then fill it in with the brush pen. The hardest part of this phase definitely had to be inking the figures. It was very time consuming but in the end it turned out to be worth the wait as the recreated images resemble its originals almost perfectly.

20160921_043130-1   20160921_043145-1

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

For this part of the project, I had to choose 2 different images that I did on Photoshop that best shows the figure ground relationship from and ambiguous image and an obvious image. Tracing the photos was the hardest part for me, since I couldn’t get a good light to shine on the Bristol paper. Inking the photos on the paper took a while, especially the second photo, but it wasn’t too difficult.

Urban Artifacts : Phase 3

This phase of the project required lot of focus and attention, because its very different from previous phase. Hand traced is not perfect compare to the digital, thus, I’ll say its little difficult. Overall, I’ve spent about 2 hours on this.

Urban Artifacts : Phase 3

img_20160920_195902_351                 img_20160920_195923_458


For this part of the project, it required a  lot of focus and craftsmanship.  This phase  was very tedious and it was very focused on how well you were able to complete the task while being very cautious about the details. This phase relates to the previous one before because, the second phase required focus and your imagination, while being very cautious with your details.

Overall, I spent an hour completing this phase.



Urban Artifacts Phase #3: Develop




Rush Hour in NYC

I tried to make this as perfect as i could in my eyes. Honestly is was my first time using these markers and all these materials. It took me about two days to finish both pieces.I made a couple of mistakes at first, which drove me to restart over and over, but this was my final product.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

In phase three of this project we had to illiterate our image compositions that we created on phase 2. These two phases relate in that we have to reposition our images based on the critique received on our photoshopped images. For example, if an image that we created  as ambiguous was in fact more obvious; we would need to extend the objects more to the edges and create an unstable relationship.  Overall I spent about and hour and a half on making the final pieces of phase 3.