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Color Interaction: Phase 2

Hours taken: 1 hour

Color Interaction: Phase 1

color-medium colorful-tree-977

I chose both of these images because I really like how each image blends in on it’s own. The first one has a night time sky setting in, with the lights reflecting on the water. The second shows off different colored leaves on the tree, showing that autumn is beginning.

Color Harmony: Phase 1


This picture of a cat does a good job of color to color progression because of the different colors of its fur. It starts off with a dark-ish brown tint, to gradually getting lighter to a natural light.


Because of the shadows, the leaves in the background; as well as the top areas of the tree, become darker and blends in with each other showing off Shade progression.


This displays tint progression since the hood of the car goes from black to a white tint.

Midterm Grade Post

From these projects, I learned how to make better use of high key and low key portraits in photos. I think if I had something I could have improved on, it would probably be interacting with my peers more on the projects so I can learn from them. I also believe I could have taken better photos for the first part of the project to better emphasis the difference between high key and low key portraits.

Project 1


Project 2


Project 3

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