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Field Trip to BRIC Biennal


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“I knew You Before You Was Born” by Kambui Olujimi

Medium : Wood, Brass, glass walking stick, canes, foot stool, and faux pearls.

This piece grasped my attention primarily because the artist, Kambui Olujimi, creates his work to address his experience of commemoration and loss. In this piece, he evokes a pleasant memory and personal story about a neighbor activist who was his friend. Catherine Arline, the activist, died in 2014.  He incorporated the two original doors from her apartment to create a dedicated piece just for her along with the pearls Catherine had worn. When I first looked at the piece, I gained a sense of understanding prior to reading the history underneath the artwork. Numerous of emotions can be concluded from this, you gain a sense of loss and it instantly impacts you. I reflected on the loss of someone who was of importance to me. This piece persuaded me to do the same to commemorate my friend as well.

Midterm Grade


Throughout this course, even up until now, I have learned a variety of things in regards to the principles of graphic design. I have learned about the figure-ground relationship, stable and unstable figures, high-key value range as well as the lowkey-value range and focal points. I was taught how to achieve compositional flows and movement within my projects. I began to realize that colors and shadows can influence a viewer to a specific mood depending on their portrayal of the project. I learned how to use Photoshop for animation mashups and more. What I could have done differently would be time management. I did not emphasize on my time management as much as I should have. I will push myself much harder to meet the deadlines on time rather than late. That is something I will continue to work on as we continue the next projects in this course.

Urban artifacts

sound visualization 

Value- added Portraits 

value-added portraits 2

Value- Added Portraits 3

Sound Visualization : Phase 4

Phase 1

Phase 2

phase 3


During this project, I learned more about how different sounds can be portrayed and translated into various images. I  began to realize how I can create those images to create an image for viewers. However, I feel that I could have improved my designs and been more careful as to which pattern interacts with another.  While I was working on this project, I was a little mislead but worked very hard to find a way to improve my work a little bit more than usual. I believe if i work on another project similar to this i can reflect on my experience again.

Sound visualization : Phase 3

This was my first time creating an animation. I enjoyed the opportunity of learning how to create an animation using Photoshop.  What I enjoyed the most was editing my mashup to the best of my ability. I will definitely enjoy learning more about this, so I can become more skillful at animation. This project was a bit complicated for me but as i continued, the easier it became. I wish that I ended my animation a bit differently due to the abrupt ending. I believe that I could have made my animation end smoothly rather than so sharp.




Animated Mashup




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