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Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

In phase three of this project we had to illiterate our image compositions that we created on phase 2. These two phases relate in that we have to reposition our images based on the critique received on our photoshopped images. For example, if an image that we created  as ambiguous was in fact more obvious; we would need to extend the objects more to the edges and create an unstable relationship.  Overall I spent about and hour and a half on making the final pieces of phase 3.


  1. Lilian

    I like how your composition is arrange.

  2. ShanShan Yu

    Like your ambiguous piece good vs evil, it seen Like the black side is trying to destroy the white.

  3. Franco

    I love your creativity on your second ambiguous piece, as well as how effectively you used your artifacts and space to create a great composition!

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