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Urban Artifacts : Phase 3

img_20160920_195902_351                 img_20160920_195923_458


For this part of the project, it required a  lot of focus and craftsmanship.  This phase  was very tedious and it was very focused on how well you were able to complete the task while being very cautious about the details. This phase relates to the previous one before because, the second phase required focus and your imagination, while being very cautious with your details.

Overall, I spent an hour completing this phase.




  1. Val Bailon

    Your stable piece left me like 😮
    It’s pretty dope how you got your artifacts to make the shape of a shoe. Nice job !

  2. ShanShan Yu

    The stable piece catch my eye when I first saw it. It seen like you spend lots of time to put your artifacts together into a shoe. Love that!

  3. Franco

    I really love your use of white and negative space on your ambiguous piece. My eyes kept switching back and forth between the two objects. Nice job!!

  4. Haley

    I like your art of the shoe you have

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