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Color Harmony: Phase 2


While on the museum trip, I happened upon a set of bird cages. The blue and gold one caught my eye in particular. What caught my eye with this piece was the glass dome and rods. Its amazing how such fine and pigmented glass work can last so long, especially since it came from Italy during the earlier part of the 19th century. The blue was especially vibrant compared to the faded gilt base.

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Color Interaction:Phase 2

Time Taken: 2Hrs

saturation study: phase 2

Muted  colors                                                                                                   Prismatic colors

Value Added Portraits: Phase 2

20161030_140228-01 This first one is my Broad value range. I made it so it seemed like a peak against the night sky with daylight coming from the left.20161030_140248-01 This second one is my Narrow value range. For this one I focused on the plaid making a vortex towards the cluster of buttons.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2



urban artifacts phase 2