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Midterm Grade

Throughout this semester, I have learned a lot while completing the three projects. In this first project, I was a bit confused about the directions that was given to me. After a while, I was able to accomplish the project; even though it was very tedious I was able to complete it one time. For the second project, I was very excited to use animation and I was able to make my own video. The only thing that I would change in both projects is time management.

Urban Artifacts- Project #1

Sound Visualization -Project #2 

Midterm Grade Post

During the first half of this semester, I’ve learned a lot about how specific arrangements of shapes and colors can manipulate the message delivered by a composition. I also learned how compositions can be gathered and portrayed from more than one medium.

However, I have also learned that I still have things to take away from this project. For instance, one of the qualities I feel that I need to improve on the most is craftsmanship. My works haven’t always been the neatest in terms of organization and projection so I believe that’s one quality I need to improve on to get to the next level.

Sound Visualization

Urban Artifacts