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Saturation Studies :Phase 4

Phase 3

Phase 2

Phase 1 

Throughout completing this project it was a bit difficult to differentiate between saturation and value. My favorite assignment in this project was phase 1; I was able to bring  in my own art style to the free study. Overall, I was able to understand the concept of these two terms. In the future , I won’t shy away from new concepts and have a better understanding it .

Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This project was one of the hardest ones we have worked on. At first all the vocabulary that was introduced was driving my brain crazy and the words value and hue were mistaken by each other. However, this project was also fun because we got to work with so many colors and it felt challenging. It was satisfying to see all the phases completed and it all flows together. My favorite one is phase 3 which was the swiss style poster, I really, really like simplistic things and this project was totally simple. I believe I have a better understanding of hue, saturation ad value.

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Saturation Studies: phase 4

phase 2

phase 3

Doing this project made me see color in a different way, color gives meaning to a painting or poster and picking the right colors can make its visual perception more effective. Although it may sound like a simple topic, it’s not, reason why I say this is  because it was quite difficult trying to pick the right colors and saturation to express each projects purpose. Like for example,  muted colors give a sense of warmth/cool feeling and chromatic colors set a more serious tone. Stuff like that is important to know when designing, a designer must use the right colors in order to grab the attention of the viewer.