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Field Trip to BRIC Biennial


“Citi Bank” by Aaron Gilbert

Medium: Oil on canvas

Out of all different pieces of art, this one stood out to me. I’ve experienced people begging for help because they were in need, and this makes you grateful for everything that you do have. Tons of people aren’t fortunate with things that most people have in their possession, and this piece of art shows/proves that. The feeling I automatically get from this piece is a sense of hopelessness and desperation, which can be very overwhelming when you’re in a situation like this.


Field Trip to BRIC Biennial

“I Knew you Before I was Born” by Kambui Olujimi

Medium: Wood, Brass, Glass Walking Cane, Canes, Foot Stool, and Faux Pearls

If there is one thing I can relate to about this art is the feeling of being homesick while at home. Just because you are at a place called home, it doesn’t mean you’re in a place where you feel comfortable. This piece was something I was drawn to the moment I saw it. One think that made me feel different about this piece was that I felt it was more about disassociation. I got this feeling from viewing the large doors off the ground and slightly parted with the pearls draped down, almost as if it were floating.